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Honey Dip  January 31, 2017

Sal helped me with a domestic case I had at 555 W. Harrison. He was really patient with me throughout the process which was very emotional for me. I appreciate that he seemed to always know the small details I shared with him and always had a warm smile when we met.
I would recommend Sal to anyone in search of an attorney in Chicago or Cook County. Thank You SO Much!!!

How to Win Your Domestic Violence Case: Step 1 - Hire Sal.

Sal is very hard working, very busy, and he's obviously a great lawyer that cares about his clients to have received high ratings and to be juggling so many clients. That being said, you may need to be patient with him. He may be running from other courtrooms or another court and he may not pick up all the time, but let me emphasize* that it doesn't mean that you're not in good hands. I am so thankful I found Sal online through his law focus and through reading reviews. He helped me with an order of protection case against my psychotic ex who posed an actual threat to me, my family and co-workers. In preparation, I did my homework during the discovery process by collecting documents against my ex which simplified everything. At the end of the day 1) We won 2) He explained everything thoroughly to me 3) He was even able to get my ex to cover my lawyer fees and therapy. He's the real deal, high quality lawyer that I'm even recommending him to my uncle who now has spousal drama. You won't regret hiring Sal.

Sal was paatient with me and helped a lot.

Posted by JDog
October 3, 2014

i am often told that i am a difficlt person to be around or with. i was in a car crash and my car was gone. wreck, boom, never coming back. i hurt to but had no insurance and was not about to sit ion county waiying for 2 days. Sal was good to deal with. EZ to talk with etc. He got me money for the car and my back injury pain and suffering.


Posted by anonymous
April 4, 2013

I was really, really, really nervous. Sal was patient and easy to talk to. I was placed on supervision. I will never get in trouble again, so if I ever need to use Sal again I hope it is for something else.

Sal helped me out

Posted by anonymous
August 13, 2012

I had an arrest in Chicago when I was visiting from New York. I called Sal and he was able to help me via phone/email and told me what to expect. He helped me get my case dismissed and wiped from my record, and he was very helpful and available throughout the whole process. I would recommend him to anyone who has need in Chicago.

Great Attorney Posted by anonymous

 I had a fraudulent criminal case against me and Sal has been helping me with it at every step. He’s been supportive and has guided me diligently. He was responsive and understood the amount of stress I was under. He went out of his way to help me out. I would definitely recommend him. 

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$553,000 Award

My client was injured by a negligent driver while on the job.


My client was charged with 12 counts of a violent felony. After a 5 Day jury trial my client was found NOT GUILTY by a jury of his peers.

NOT GUILTY - Directed Finding

Both of my clients were accused of crimes of violence at a house party by multiple individuals. If Found Guilty my clients would have been deported. Testimony against my clients was found to be unreliable and false. Judge ruled in favor of my clients before we presented our case during trial.